Custom made

Visit our showroom in Annagasse 3a/8, 1010 Vienna AUSTRIA and talk to one of our jewellers  about creating your personalised piece or set of jewelry. Choose from a broad range of alloys and stones to meet your desired price range. Bookings are also possible at selected Hotels and outside of store opening hours. For more information on custom made CIRO Jewelry please contact us.

NOTE: We do recommend that you attend a CIRO Jewelry event, before booking a private reception.

Manual clean

Have your jewelry treated by one of our professionals. We remove dirt, dust and even light scratches to bring back the sparkle and the shine you once fell in love with. For a manual jewelry clean visit one of our stores or contact us to arrange for a pick up of your jewelry to clean.

Ultrasonic clean

In addition to a manual clean, the jewelry is immersed in an ultrasonic bath. Within 15 minutes most of the deep dirt, impossible to reach by hand, is removed. Please note that our cleaning service will certainly improve the look of your jewelry piece, however will not eliminate all scratches, sign of wear and damage. If you require more information about ultrasonic jewelry cleaning please visit one of our stores or contact us.


Create an unforgettable memory and have the jewelry you are about to give engraved. Choose from a broad range of fonts and engraving techniques. For more information on having your jewelry engraved, please visit one of our stores or contact us.


Some of our necklaces and bracelets ship with a 3 cm extension and all of our rings are available in seven sizes. None the less, should you ever feel like your CIRO Jewelry is not in the right size for you we will resize it for you. Please visit one of our stores or contact us to have your jewelry resized.


CIRO Jewelry offers a large range of jewelry refurbishing and repair services. Stones will be cut and/or replaced, the plating will receive a new coating to permanently remove all scratches and closures will be changed. By trusting CIRO Jewelry with your memories we ensure that they will endure. For submitting your jewelry repair please visit one of our stores or contact us.