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Corporate Social Responsibilities


We believe our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be of utter importance. We commit ourselves to continuously further our guidelines and to implement new Systems of measure and control. CIRO jewelry adheres to

Its code of conduct and ethics
The health and safety of its employees
Its social and environmental responsibilities
The protection of the environment

To name but a few.

We are well aware that our social, ecologic and ethical behavior will reflect on the perception of CIRO jewelry. Therefore, we commit ourselves to continuously grow without harming men or environment.


CIRO customers don’t have to choose between quality, fair pricing and acting responsible. We offer enduring materials, transparent pricing and sustainable production processes.

Sustainable practices and the consequences of CIRO’s activities on the environment are of highest priority. We commit ourselves to a solid management of all environmental queries. The objective of CIRO’s environmental policies is to comply with all applicable environmental law, guidelines and recommendations and to implement sustainable procedures.


And we really do! From the choices of materials for production to sales and presentation materials, CIRO’s policies on the environment apply to all affiliates.

  • No to forbidden substances i.e. nickel, copper, cadmium
  • strict compliance with waste and water regulations
  • healthy work environment and fair wages
  • No to child labor
  • respect different cultures and the environment
  • the use of synthetics and lab diamonds
  • charity
Why cubic zirconia, moissanite, lab-diamonds?
1. no mining required

Lab created diamonds, moissanites and the production of AAA cubic zirconia, corundum and nano gems is the responsible choice. They all lack the need of mining for them.

2. beauty and quality

CIRO gems are often referred to as “CIROLIT”. No matter what synthetic you choose, it will always come in highest quality available. Our cubic zirconia (zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)) for example is ranked above triple AAA and shows all characteristics of a natural diamond. All CIRO gems are available in various cuts like asscher, princess or pear shape. Lab-diamonds have the same physical, chemical and visual characteristics as natural mined diamonds.

3. Value

Lab-diamonds, moissanite, cubic zirconia, nano gems and natural corundum are all of great value and far more affordable than natural stones.


Being one of the first companies CIRO set a milestone in sustainable and environment friendly jewelry production. In 1917 CIRO introduced the shell pearl and in the 1970’s the above triple AAA ranked cubic zirconia. The zirconium dioxide has all the characteristics of a natural stone and its production does not use harmful substances or requires to mine for it.