CIRO Jewelry adheres to both aspects of beauty, visible and invisible beauty alike. More than simply enhancing a look, CIRO Jewelry builds on the beauty found within and around people. Only when nourished with love and compassion, and treated with the uttermost respect and care, will such beauty rise and shine like a diamond.

CIRO Jewelry incorporates its responsibilities to socio-ecological balance and sustainability in all its processes and verifies the strict application of CIRO Jewelry “code of ethics and conduct”. CIRO Jewelry products are free of restricted  substances (i.e. chemical, nickel, cadmium, lead), CIRO Jewelry employees are of age and are well remunerated, waste and water regulations are upheld and were possible clean energy is used. To name but a few of CIRO Jewelry’s corporate social responsibilities.

Purchasing an artificial Cirolit not only saves money but lives. The acquisition of diamonds is dangerous and the origin often hard to determine. The Cirolit not only shows all the visual characteristics of a diamond, it also, most certainly, can not be associated with any acts of abuse and/or violence.

CIRO Jewelry is an official sponsor to charity events sanctioned by the United Nations office in Vienna, AUSTRIA. If you would like to apply for a CIRO Jewelry charity event sponsorship please do not hesitate to contact us.