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About CIRO


As a veteran industry designer and manager of a wholesale establishment, Elisabeth Koller-Galler (CEO) purchased the traditional CIRO Jewelry brand in 2006.

CIRO continues to manufacture design jewelry with carefully selected fine materials. The superior properties of the CIROLIT and of the CIRO pearl, as well as the gold plated silver alloy, adhere genuine-jewellery-quality.

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CIRO manufactures „design jewelry“ in genuine jewelry quality, making luxury accessible. CIRO gems are often referred to as “CIROLIT”. No matter what synthetic you choose, it will always come in highest quality available. Our cubic zirconia (zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)) for example is ranked above triple AAA and shows all characteristics of a natural diamond. All CIRO gems are available in various cuts like asscher, princess or pear shape.

The “CIRO pearls” are handpicked and consist of a shell core. The surface is made of pure mother of pearl from oysters.

CIRO jewelry has to meet the highest quality requirements to guarantee aesthetic design and wearable comfort. Silver (925 Sterling Silver) or Gold (14 or 18 ct.) is processed by using the chill-cast method. Pieces made with silver are gold, white- or rose-gold plated to avoid tarnishing.

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About black tie collections


CIRO Jewelry Black Tie collection has been specially designed as the perfect jewelry to shine and celebrate life’s special occasions. Opulent and elegant women’s jewelry that will add sparkle to elevate any moment. Luxuriously created with the highest quality AAA zirconia’s that create an iridescent sparkle that reflect light from every angle. CIRO black tie includes a range of collections to elevate an everyday look or to be worn to the most formal of events. . Show off your best jewels that exude elegance, sophistication and style.

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About first love collections


CIRO Jewelry First Love collection embodies the first blush of falling in love. Delicately and elegantly designed to be worn as everyday pieces to add some more love into your life. Consisting of brilliant solitaires in a variety of different designs and settings to suit everyone. Featuring dazzling AAA zirconia’s that gracefully sparkle as they catch the light. Created with simplicity the jewelry can be worn together as well as on its own. The CIRO First Love collection reminds us all at any age that there is no love like the first.

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CIRO Jewelry was registered in 1917 in London UK as a mail order company. Customers would detach a pre-print order form from a daily newspaper, fill it and mail it together with a money order to CIRO Jewelry. It was only three years later, in 1920, that CIRO Jewelry would open its first store in Bond Street, London UK. In paying homage to the origins of the brand, CIRO Jewelry today, operates its webshop proud, thorough and with a lot of love and care.

The CIRO pearl – the world’s first shell (core) pearl – laid the foundation for the CIRO company in 1917, starting an almost 100-year long tradition. Shell pearls were not known back then and real pearls were very expensive. Therefore the CIRO pearl was the first appealing and affordable alternative to the very popular “real pearl”. Once other shell pearls entered the market, in the early 1920’s, CIRO already was leading the market.

Due to new technologies, CIRO adopted in the 1970’s the “CIROLIT”. Until today it remains rather difficult to differentiate the above triple A classified cubic zirconia from real gemstones.

In the 1990’s CIRO operated more than 150 stores worldwide, with over 50 stores in the US. CIRO continues its reputation as a leading producer of high end imitation jewelry in Sterling silver or brass, yellow- or white-gold plated, combined with CIROLIT and Pearls.